Jan 10, 2012

2012 is Off and Running!!!

The Mayans were way off when they predicted that the world would end in 2012. If anything, 2012 seems to be the Year of New Beginnings… and it has started off with a bang. Just two and a
half weeks into the New Year, and already things are looking bright.

Two people I deeply care about and consider much more than friends, closer than family, have had doors open for them in both professional and personal realms. These are people who, thanks
to their immense talent, uncompromising commitment, and sincere sense of purpose, are currently on the cusp of embarking on new career journeys, a chance to finally reap the fruits of their labor, payback more than a decade in the making. Though nothing is set in stone just yet, the fact that opportunity has knocked on their respective doors is the ultimate reward and validation.

After years toiling away at the agency life and offering his ass for clients to feast on, Friend A is now getting his due, accepting an offer for an executive management position tailor-made to make the most of his skills and talents. He is ecstatic, needless to say. But I think his new employer is even more excited to have him, which is great because for the first time in a long time what he brings to the table is being valued, and not just in the financial sense. And best of all, he did not seek this opportunity; it came to him.

As for Friend B, she is currently entertaining an offer to become the Creative Top Dog at a respectable agency... the very same agency where she began her career many years ago. Even
though the situation is delicate (for the past eight years she has owned a successful business), in this case it’s the context that matters: her former bosses are asking her to come back and fix their agency. The message is clear: “We underestimated you, we never recognized your worth, we never acknowledged the fact that you would grow up to do bigger and better things. Please help us.” No executive pay package can top that. Also, like Friend A, this opportunity just fell on her lap one day, out of the blue.

I am very happy for these very special people not because they are about to cash in. I am happy for them because they are getting what they deserve: RESPECT. So many years defined by so many sacrifices, by so many tears, by so little acknowledgement, have finally been put right.

Friend A and Friend B are fantastic individuals, people of enviable moral character whom I admire, respect, and love. This is why I wish them the best and am confident that no matter which path they choose, victory is already theirs.


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