Jan 23, 2012

5 places to eat at San Francisco

If life’s greatest pleasures are drinking, pissing, shitting, fucking and eating, well here’s some 411 if you’re ever up and about the city by the bay. As a mini continuation to my post about my experience in San Fran for my 1 year anniversary with my wife, here’s a brief rundown of five places we’d definitely go back to.

1. Fog Harbor Fish House

Great seafood + wonderful beer = happy joker. Fog Harbor offered me a seafood basket including crab, prawns, mussels, clams, and calamari. The price was fair, the view was pristine, the attention was top notch and the food was good. I know it’s in the middle of tourist trap hell, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s good.

2. Sushi Groove

We didn’t have much sushi in San Francisco but this was out back-up after having a faux pas moment at San-Ra-Ku. That place wasn’t much to write home about… sure the sushi was fresh, but you’ll get a lot of people defending it because it’s the proper way to eat sushi… Like I said, it was fresh but me and my wife barely registered the wow factor and I’ve had better sushi elsewhere. Actually, on a trip to Puerto Rico we went to eat at a place called Nikko Sushi… best… eel… ever. Anyways, I digress, so we went to Sanraku, it kinda sucked and we went to Sushi Groove… why we even bothered with the other place is not beyond me (Trip Advisor said it was the shit while we thought it was meh. The ONLY time Trip Advisor wasn’t spot on). So we went to Sushi Groove, luckily got there before the rush hour and had three rolls, some nigiri, plum wine and two big ole sloppy smiles on our faces. Props go out to Michelle, a friend of mine who was a local and recommended the place. She was soooooo right.

3. Swensen’s

Turkish coffee ice cream sound like a good idea? Why yes it does. The original Swensen’s is in San Francisco and it gave me the desire to visit San Fran in summer just to enjoy that experience that much more. Good variety, great quality, fair prices and right on a cable car stop. Need to get your ice cream on? Pass on the Cold Stone and get yourself some bona fide Swensen’s. NOTE: since this is the original store and not a chain, it is quite possible your favorite flavors are not there (cantaloupe and bubble gum come to mind).

4. Scoma’s

This place felt like I slipped into a mafia establishment in part because of the d├ęcor, in part because of the employees and what they wear and in part because there were a few questionable clients lounging about. The place has two bars and talented bartenders tending each bar and a menu that provided ample options. The sword fish, the pasta, the wine and the dessert were all fantastic. Imagine, it was so good we didn’t even notice the earthquake that gave the place a little shake. Now THAT’S good food.

5. Mama’s

I would have never thought that in my life one of the best meals I would ever have would have been a breakfast. Mama’s shut me up something fierce. The ONLY place we went to twice during our stay in San Francisco, Mama’s is far and above one of the best culinary experiences in my life. The French toast sampler should come with a warning to bring diapers or an extra pair of shorts. The pancakes are amazing, fresh berries make it even better and the banana pancakes? Jack Johnson would be proud. So if you’re in San Francisco, make the line… it’s worth it.


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