Jan 19, 2012

5 Random Things you don't know about: Me

Hello boys and girls! Traditions are meant to be celebrated, so here we go again, the first Five Things list of the year. Feeling a bit better after a shitty week - I decided to write down the five most random things about Me. I hope that you join in the fun and actually write back to us - feelin' kinda lonely here... is anybody out there?

In this exercise, I am not supposed to think too much about it. I need to write things down and not save this post or go back to it later. See if you can do yours this way... Here we go.

1) If something is not working, like a computer, a phone, a tv, whatever... I can't function unless I fix it. All jobs, dates, things I have to do must be stopped in order to solve whatever is the problem. Not working is not an option. Either it gets fixed, or I go mental. OCD, people. OCD.

2) I usually can't stand bright desktop wallpapers. I don't know why that is, all my images are dark and gloomy.

3) I am sometimes a hard core cheapskate. I refuse to pay that little extra dollars to get my Sirius on my computers, so I end up listening to Howard while parked because I can't do it on my office or at home. I also will wait until the last drop of shampoo has been used, the last glob of cream or my lipstick is almost dry from no substance. Then I go and buy stuff. Weird where I draw the line on spending more.

4) I need silence when I am writing a long copy. Talk to me and I will bust your balls about it. Nope, no music can be heard either. I need absolute extreme silence.

5) The one thing that makes me gag is strawberry shakes. That is, for me, the most horrible thing you can give me to drink. I will pass on it, every single time. I prefer to die of thirst rather than drink it. It's just... nasty. Ugh.

There it is. Simple and to the point. Please write. You can do it on Twitter if you want to! #5RandomThingsAboutMe.

Much love and try to be stress free. Me.


Mariam said...

1- I can almost recite each friends episode. I watched the complete series at least 6 times.

2- speaking if shakes. My fave is avocado shake. That's right, avocado. Milk, avocado, sugar, blender. Yum!

3- I hate sparkling water. I don't understand why people drink it.

4- i own 10+ chucks. (converse)

5- I've lived in New York for more than a year and haven't been to wall street or ground zero. Not once.

That's me.

Me said...

Avocado shake! Yes! Thank you so much for writing back!!!

Lucila said...

1. I hate chickpeas but I love hummus. It's because they are blended with other yummy ingredients, but the texture of a whole chickpea in my mouth makes me gag.

2. I wanted (and had the grades) to be a Psychiatrist and paint as a hobby. I went to art school instead.

3. I can't do simple math in my head not even if my life depended on it.

4. I have a problem with short term memory. Something just happen and I could tell you but it will have lagoons. BUT wait until tomorrow and I will be able to tell you every little detail.

5. I talk and answer the phone while asleep. BILINGUAL!

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