Jan 25, 2012

Bound by the chain of command

We want to be creative, we want to make a difference, we want to work hard and we want rewards… but unfortunately there’s a chain of command. Hierarchies tend to bring out the worse in the human spirit in the sense of frustration, disdain, envy, back stabbing and what have you.

Unfortunately, most places do have some type of chain of command one is supposed to follow. This can be, good, it can be bad… but most often, it just is and we’re the ones who embed the existing system with positive or negative connotations.

If you’re fed up with your chain of command, you have four options: fight it, bypass it, acquiesce or learn to tango. I’ve tried all of the options and only recently have I tried to truly tango with the system. I’ve stood by and done nothing… sucked, I’ve fought it…. No results and SUPER sucked… I’ve tried to bypass it…. Almost cost me my job… am trying to tango, yielding some results.

Am I telling you to be the company bitch? No. Never. This blog is about resistance, personal growth and revolution, not about tradeoffs and complacency. I’m telling you to know the system and play it like a fucking fiddle. Earn a reputation, always be accountable, put people on the spot, ask, make it seem as if other people have ideas, put stuff into action and eventually you will see some result. Is it easy? No… that’s why you need to develop patience.

Some people are rewarded for sucking ass. Other people are rewarded for backstabbing. I’m recommending you learn what gets results in the system. Think of it as if you were working on a shitty campaign… anyone can get a great ad for a kickass client with tons of cash to burn… not many people can turn shit into gold.

Be an alchemist, play the system and focus on you and what you need to do to not be a sellout and hate yourself.

Godspeed and cheers


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