Jan 17, 2012

Dear Client: We are not your servants.

There are different types of people in this world, granted. For every nice human being there has to be a total douche dickwad. It has to be like that, because in the universe, there is a thing called balance. If all people were decent, sensible and loving - then we would not be able to talk about the people that just don't deserve to breathe our air and share our planet, right?

Today was one of those days where I lost my faith in humanity. Because of only one person. One idiotic, moron, total sorry excuse of a client. What, prey tell, exactly did she do? Giving me a two hour deadline on a job? Giving me change after change after change and not organizing herself, ending up wasting my goddamn time? Not answering her email or her phone - even when her artwork was due? Making changes AFTER the artwork was sent to the printers? Oh yeah, all that happened, but that was not the thing that made me angry. I am paid to do all those things and smile.

What I am not paid to do or endure is being treated like I am a servant. And tonight, my friends, all my anger is pointed out to that fucking fuck waste of blood and organs. Belittling people is - and will always be, THE single worst thing you can ever do to another person. For me, it is even worst than insulting them right to their faces. By making someone feel or talking to them in a demeaning manner they THINK they have the upper hand. With attitude and snide remarks, they think they can make us reach the deadline earlier or make a more creative ad.

To that way of thinking, I can only say: suck on my imaginary balls. Really. How sad it is for that lonely, not-getting-laid-so-often, boring, unimaginative homo sapiens (and I'm beginning to have doubts about her origin), the only way to get things moving is by making every person who is her supplier feel like they are nothing. Like I am here to serve you, I am waiting for your command, yes ma'am, sure sure, I'll drive you Ms. Daisy.

Today was one of those days that I hated this business with all my heart and hoped that I retire tomorrow.

But alas, it won't happen. Tomorrow will be another day. Maybe I'll be really annoying and turn in my jobs a little late.

Revenge is best served on a really late job. Bitch.


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