Feb 2, 2012

Fuck Floyd and Bob: how negotiations kill enthusiasm in boxing

I’ve kept pretty quiet up to now, but yet again I find myself talking about the human underwear stain known as Floyd Mayweather. As if the previous two occasions on which negotiations for a Pacquiao-Mayweather fight haven’t been enough, they just HAD to take it up a notch and show their true colors.

First off, fuck you Bob Arum: That’s been a long while in the making and I have a few reasons for my heated opinion. First off, still backing up Antonio Margarito after they found him with loaded gloves is reason enough to elicit my hate. Margarito shouldn’t be allowed in the ring, and anyone who thinks otherwise is biased or blind. What he did was against the law and should have been punished by the law, not the weak ass wrist slap he received. That Arum is still pushing Margarito and huffing down wads of cash is a testament that he’s as bad as Don King, except less colorful and with a more normal haircut. Second on the list of why I think Bob should cut the shit is his handling of Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. Put him in the ring with Sergio Martinez or stop saying he’s the shit. He isn’t his father though he’s not a shit fighter either, but his fame is based on a bloated record and name recognition, period. That Arum is ballsy enough to say that Martinez isn’t that good is just an insult to every boxing fan. As if that weren’t enough, his fucking round robin treatment of only matching his fighters against each other to maximize revenue is disgusting. We want the best matches made. We want entertainment. We don’t want a more realistic wrestling arena where results are staged to maximize revenue. As for Floyd vs. Manny, Arum did his fair share for the fight to not happen, starting with his claim that Manny wouldn’t be able to fight on that day because of a cut, then saying that the fighting would require an outdoor arena made specifically for the event, etc., etc., etc. Bob, your excuses are getting as old as you greed breeds dissatisfaction.

Secondly, fuck you Floyd Mayweather, Jr.: at the beginning of 2011, I didn’t think I could hate Floyd any more… BOY was I fucking wrong. Apart from his negotiating shenanigans, the legal cheapshot knockout of Victor Ortiz was nauseating. I didn’t see the entire fight because as a fan, I refused to give one fucking cent to Money Douche. But I saw the replay… and it showed just the type of classy guy Floyd is. To boot, he FINALLY got charged and convicted for one of the various things he’s been alleged to do, which includes: domestic battery, illegal possession of arms, tax evasion, assault, coercion, and the list goes on… they probably took a look at the laundry list and picked the smallest one on the list and now he serves 84 days in jail. For years, Floyd has played the heel, he’s avoided opposition and has gone far enough down the trenches to contradict himself even for his next fight. In case you didn’t know, he’s apparently facing Miguel Cotto for his stipulated May 5 fight; a fighter he once dubbed as a C-Class fighter. Before deciding on the Cotto bout (which could change any minute with this chump stain), we were treated to yet another round of Will they Fight, cock teasing the public into yet another frenzy over the speculated fight with Manny Pacquiao. This time there were tweets, there were callouts for Manny to step up punk and yet again, there’s not going to be a fight. One of the main things is that Floyd doesn’t think Pacquiao deserves a 50/50 split in the purse…………………………………………………………. This from a guy who sucker punched his way to victory last time around. It seems that in this entire equation the only guy who really wants the fight is Manny… and I’m not even sure of that anymore.

Now instead of the fight of the millennium, we’re going to get Floyd vs. Cotto… whoo fucking hooo…. And Manny vs. Lamont Peterson or Timothy Bradley (the second one being the likeliest) and Juan Manuel Marquez as a potential opponent for a 4th time. Honestly, the best fight would be a rematch against Marquez or Against Peterson with Bradley coming in 4th. Simply put, styles make fights and though Bradley is the top guy in 140 lbs., I’m not a huge fan. As for Manny vs. Peterson, Lamont seriously should rematch against Amir Khan before being sacrificed to the Philippino.

As for me, here’s hoping for more fights like Alfredo Angulo vs. James Kirkland. THAT was one hell of a fight made to please the fans, not the promoters and there needs to be a hell of a lot more of that going around.



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