Feb 29, 2012

So you can still work from home, right?

When did it become illegal to get sick and miss work? I’m not sure, but the insistence on employers and supervisors expecting people to behave like robots is just one of the 21st century tendencies I’m not too fond of.

I get it, there’s work to be done, and it has to get done, but if people work til they drop, and eventually they do, then what? Do people expect workers to plug an IV in and keep trucking away? Have we become so obtuse, that the right to health and rest come secondary to results? Apparently so.

I could go on a rant trying to explain this behavior, but it really doesn’t deserve that much attention, especially when the rule doesn’t necessarily apply to the powers that be, ie. Middle management hacks who crack the whip but who consistently take 3 day weekends because they were “sick” on Friday. What balls… what hairy, smelly, sweaty, dirty balls these pricks have. But we still have to be thankful for what we have… right… because it’s awesome for people to work with a fever because it needs to be done. Oh, don’t mind the 7 hundred meetings we’ll have that’ll produce nothing, we need that thing you’re working on now, so we can evaluate for the meeting.






By law we’re supposed to have a certain amount of sick days permitted… That fucking sentence makes no sense, but that’s how "great" things have gotten… if it weren’t protected by law, we’d have a couple of maybe-you-can-work-from-home-if-you-have-to days, something like 3 days, if we’re lucky.

That you have to work from home or work sick is bad enough, that the client, your supervisors or anyone for that matter has the gall to try and make you feel guilty? Well that’s the dingle berry on top of the fuck you sundae.

You want to know why people don’t want you to be sick? It’s pretty simple, if you’re not available to do the work, then who will they delegate their tasks to?

For now, to all ye sick friends, get your soup on, watch some Law and Order and do the smartest thing you’ve ever done… turn off your phone.



Everyman* (There's always a Disclaimer) said...

They're teaching it early. One kid stays home sick they come off the bus with 30 pounds of books and assignments to finish because they were sick. That's Catholic shool, though. Indoctrination and guilt starts early and often.

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