Feb 29, 2012

There has to be a better way to do things, Part 2

Part 2 in this wonderful saga I’m risking to share with you follows a path that is getting interesting, in the sense that I feel like an oracle predicting what may happen. Today there was a meeting and it was canceled at the last minute. But here are my predictions.

First off will be the battle of visions and opinions. Some people think the project is flowing seamlessly, other people think it’s a train wreck that’s being worked through independent silos that aren’t communicating. The gist of our recommendation revolves around imploding, reevaluating, refocusing and redoing the work. I fully expect at least one heart attack, but no worries; I know where the defibrillator is.

Second will be the battle of who is going to be held accountable… Lots of people are fighting for control, and this should be interesting. I should get some popcorn to go along with the show. These next steps should be fascinating.

Third and most importantly will be the execution of the action items that will be determined. Since we’re still on a theoretical plain, everything looks good from this side of the looking glass. What will happen once we jump into the rabbit hole depends on three things: clear direction, time, cooperation/integration. If any of those three things are absent, I predict another Ides of March.

Fun times


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