Mar 2, 2012

Don’t keep the fucks, give them away

More often than we’d probably like to admit, we find ourselves verbalizing the phrase “I don’t give a fuck”. Although the intention of this is to disengage from a situation, who are we kidding? Of course we’re giving a fuck. We’re actually giving a mighty big fuck but we’re trying to force ourselves to give up on this battle and keep the fucks to ourselves.

“Pick your battles”. I’ve often heard that axiom and it’s just a nice way of saying cut your losses and don’t pursue a particular endeavor that’s difficult for you. I say don’t be selfish and give those fucks. Because if you don’t give a fuck about anything, in the sense we’re speaking of, you will eventually consider giving up on most things and keep all your energy to yourself, which promotes inertia, rigidness and weakens that energy.

Giving away your fucks builds character in the sense that it forces you to engage, to care and to not give up because it’s convenient. To me at least, life shouldn’t be just about what’s convenient. It’s about pushing yourself, about giving without expecting one iota of gratitude, it’s being over-abundantly generous with your fucks.

But still we insist… “I don’t give a fuck. I won’t give a fuck. I can’t give a fuck….” This all invariably leads to the real question… “Why do I have to give a fuck…”

The answer? You don’t have to give a fuck, but once you do, you free yourself of all the fucks in you that would otherwise cause you to rot inside.

Cheers my dear fuck givers


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