May 29, 2012

Five things women should know when they are making a scene: according to Me.

This is a post dedicated to all of you women out there who love to make a scene. Why, pray tell, can be a scene? You know what I'm talking about. It's that moment when your girlfriend or wife decides to put on THAT face. The "I'm having a problem but I'm not saying anything but I'm not happy" face. That face that implies that she is not cool with anything that is going on right now. That face that does not say anything, that just smiles in a weird way. THAT FUCKING FACE. Well you know what? That's making a scene. And it sucks, it sucks that people do it, it sucks to have to endure watching it, and it even SUCKS EVEN MORE having a friend having to deal with it in front of you.

I am one of those weird people who think that ALL PROBLEMS should be dealt at home. Don't like to be someplace? Then smile and wave, then go back home and have a hissy fit. Don't like the conversation theme? Respect other people's opinions, engage for the sake of your husband or wife and then go home and give your honest opinion about how other people suck but not you. It's just so wrong that women decide to be so rude sometimes! And yes, I'm saying women because I have never met a man who has done this sort of BULLSHIT in front of his friends. So! Let me tell you, women out there, what you should know when you do this sort of crap in front of other people...

1) We're feeling ashamed for your husband/friend/loved one
Yep. We're deeply sorry that our friend is involved with you in any way shape or form. We're even wondering how the fuck does he stand you at this point. What happened? Was the selection of women so bad that he settled with you and your ugly attitude towards everything? Does he get turned on by this crap? I mean... does he find that when you do that, you get laid later? Ugh.

2) We secretly wish for you not to be there at that specific moment.
Honestly. We're all thinking how wonderful it would be if you just had something better to do that day. How amazing it would have been for us to have a blast sans you. Ah. Wishful thinking. It would be awesome, because instead of noticing your bullshit every 10 seconds, we could actually talk about shit! How incredible would THAT be, right? Friends just enjoying each other's company! WHOA!

3) We're wondering if you don't truly know how rude you're being.
Is it a missing chip? Do you think this sort of behavior is normal? Treating people badly... is this something you learned at home? Did your mother or father treat you this way? Ok let me explain something: the way you are acting, that face and that attitude... it's not ok. If you have a personal problem, deal with it in the privacy of your own home or somewhere far away from others. We are not to blame when you become a dick all of the sudden. We should not get punished for this.

4) We now secretly plan dates to get together without you.
Yeah. Deal with it. It has to be done, because we want to go out, but we've opted for both of you not to come. This makes us sad, but we have to do it. And it's totally your fault. Because you suck.

5) You have become funny and every time when we think you can't top the bullshit, you do.
This is the part that shines above all the rest. Because for you, there is no limit. We're sitting there, and then you say or act in the most weird way possible... and then it's just... more weird. We sit there, amazed at how sometimes ugly your personality can be. Trust me, all people notice, but not in the way you think or want. We just notice how weird you are. Period.

Look. We all have issues, we're all not perfect, we all have tempers, yada yada yada. But from where I come from, all the issues that I might have, I deal on my own. I would never make a scene in front of people, I would never shame my husband/boyfriend with this type of behavior. All people should treat others with respect, not with disdain. I proudly sit beside my husband at places where he loves and I'm not fond of, and I smile, I engage, I ask, I participate. It is all because I love him and I want to make him happy, I want to share and experience what he loves - and viceversa. I sit down with his friends, open up my house and bring out the best food and wine, treat everyone with a smile and make everyone feel like at home. If I want to kill him for some weird reason, you will never see this. Problems and/or issues are between two people, not like a movie theater where everyone can sit and watch.

It's just rude. Dammit.
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