Aug 16, 2012

Advertising What-the-fucks: Accu Check

When you think of checking your blood sugar, you think of pain, inconvenience, the shitty deal of having to deal with a health condition, etc… until now.

Thanks to Accu Check Nano, you can now feel sexy and empowered when you check your blood sugar or feel super poppy because you have 23% more accuracy. That I’m even busting my balls to write a post is evidence that this advertising works to some level… that I’m offended by their branding has more to do with wanting LESS people with diabetes than having people think it’s ok to have messed up blood sugar.

Check this Accu-check nano salsa commercial

After watching it you almost want to use insulin to lube up and sex yourself up. I’m not digging at people with diabetes mind you, I’m digging at another company that doesn’t mind pushing some bucks to Coca-Cola and Pepsi so more people have problems for which they have the sexy solution… and no worries, if you’re young and hip and have enough money to keep Justin Bieber rich, then there’s a commercial for you too.

I’m actually torn between which commercial traumatizes me more… the one where I’m supposed to check my sugar while doing a strip tease or the one where I can have fun in the sun and say hooray for insulin.

Seriously, it’s not just that diabetes is not a joke… it is that this condition along with all the other ones that afflict people world-wide shouldn’t be a business… money should not be spent on advertising for these products, they should be dedicated exclusively to making better products, better studies and having less people need to feel ok about their conditions… because they’re healthy.

Then again, I shouldn't say that too loud because they'll call me a communist. 


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