Aug 16, 2012

Go suck a peacock NBC

Now that I have time to do other stuff rather than watch countless sports I won’t care about for three and a half years, it’s time to reflect on a couple of Olympic moments… let’s start with the end and why NBC sucks such donkey cock.

First and most importantly, what is NBC’s beef with the British Band Elbow? Two bloody songs they played, clocking in at over ten minutes and they didn’t have the decency to show ONE take of one of the best Brit bands of the moment? They wrote the Olympic song and at least I didn’t hear their name mentioned once on air by anyone at NBC…

What the FLYING fuck?

Elbow’s latest studio album is called Build a Rocket Boys and NBC should seriously consider shoving a rocket up their ass so they get a clue.

The thing is that producers at NBC know that I need to see One Nation and other fucking boy bands. And I also need to see the no talent hack Jessie J perform three times? THREE FUCKING TIMES? Seriously, what the FLYING fuck??????? I got to see this bitch sing in a trio, sing by herself then fucking squat a London log over the great Freddie Mercury…

That’s not enough though, right? I need to see Russell Brand dressed like a coked Andy Warhol reject lip sync to my favorite song off Willie Wonka and then squat his own Brand of shit over The Beatles’ “I Am the Walrus”.

Because that I DID need to see…. And if that’s not enough, The Who gets bumped for fucking Animal Practice…….. a sitcom….. a SHITTY sitcom at that…… after a 6 hr. delay…… Brilliant. Just bloody brilliant.

Muse? Nah, we don’t need to see that… the Kinks Ray Davies? Who cares about him? Elbow? Who the fuck bought a CD? The Who? Didn’t we already see them at the Super Bowl…. Fucking Foul NBC and cutting The Who to air that train wreck of a series is just beyond retarded.

But hey, we got Russell Brand and Jessie J, because that’s what the kids want right? Well if that’s the case, I’m even more Pro Choice thanks to NBC… that’s right, NBC has made me vote completely for abortions and to promote them openly because if junk TV, shitty on air decisions, spiting in the face of good natured bands with talent and perennial legends is what the new people want, then maybe, just maybe it’s about time to control our world population.

If not, then please do your best attempt to get your shit together NBC, because though the US won the medal race, you embarrassed over 300,000,000 people with your shitty editing skills.

As for the singer choices by the London Olympics committee… Jessie J looks like the cross between an Idol contestant, Megan Fox and a Coyote Ugly herpes riddled skank and why people insist on making a fuss over Russell Brand is beyond me, it’s not that I’m over him… it’s that I was never a fan because I seem to miss the appeal of a stinky looking no talent jackoff. The boy bands I can live with, the Spice Girls, hey, I’m game, but those two ass pimples in an otherwise solid artist lineup take away from the whole because they were treated as more special or more important than true legends.

As for the games…. well that’s another post.



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