Aug 13, 2012

WAS Short Post: What is it with Women and Instructions?

This is an open letter to all guys out there.

Dear Johnson Carriers;

I am so sorry. Really. I'm deeply saddened for what you have to go through. I just want to let you know that - if this helps - not all women are equal or alike. Trust me. There are a few of us out there that are normal. Oh. Yeah. Wait. I meant to say not normal. Special. Yeah, you can rest assured that somewhere in this planet there are women who don't give out instructions to their mates every fucking 15 minutes.

I know. It's horrible. Although I'm not a man, I also totally get how frustrating it is when someone NOT your mother starts to tell you how to do shit. I don't know if it's a pet peeve of mine, but dammit how I hate when I see it happening. There should be a law that clearly states that only your Mother can give you instructions on life - and that you should, of course, decide if you also will listen or not.

I will not go into why you let it happen. I know why. You are most of the times not giving a fuck or not listening. And while you think it works, I just want to point out that SHE WILL NEVER STOP THE FUCKING INSTRUCTIONS if you just let her go at it. When you do give in just to make her shut up... well it's just like giving meth to an addict just this one last time because it hurts too bad. This, my dong carrying friends, does not work. Period.

And to all women out there. If you are going to treat your loved one as a kid, as a favor... please let me leave and not see that crap happening. If I wanted to get pissed off, I'd do it on my own terms.

Thank you.

A very disturbed by fellow chicks Me.


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