Sep 19, 2012

Dear Client: "I just don't like it" is not feedback.

You send in your logo, ad, flyer... whatever crap you're supposed to make in less than three hours. You read the brief, you cleared up any kind of questions you may have, you double checked as much as you could... hoping that when you get changes, there will not be many.

Then you get an email that reads:

"I don't like it".

What is that all about? Do clients know that this kind of comments do not help at all? I mean, what does that tell me about my work besides that I suck? How can "Don't like it" make me revise anything? What kind of guidance is that?

I would just love to walk up to their offices and yell the following right in their faces:

• "Tell me, in detail, you worthless excuse of a human being, what is it that does not work in this particular work, what makes you think that it won't make an impact BESIDES your god awful personal taste"

• "Am I a mind reader to you? Think about it. No, right? Then WHAT do YOU WANT? Yeah, tell me already because I'd rather be at home watching anything on TV than wasting more of my precious time with a client that doesn't understand the proper way to review creativity"

• "I'm going to give you a pen and paper, you idiot, so you can draw - if you can, you untalented hack - what you LIKE. That way we can do this crap faster."

• "I don't like your revisions. But it's OK, I'll wait until you can give me a rational, intelligent, thoughtful review on what doesn't work. Oh yes, and you will write them down in a cohesive and well written email, no guessing around this time. Get started, you bastard. I'm waiting!"

The thing that bugs me is that Ad Execs love to pass along this information and not make the client dish out what exactly is the problem with any type of creativity. What pisses me off even more is that clients are always left to impose their personal tastes on something that is on strategy.

The only thing that a client must examine, in my opinion, is that if it portrays exactly what the brand needs to sell, that if in their opinion they believe that the core message is there... but when they start to yap about a blue or a red that they don't like... well the shit hits the fan.

Hey, if they don't like it, it's their deal, but at least you GOT to say why beyond just No. No is not an answer when it comes to advertising, because it never gets great results. By the end of the day, what you end up is with two creatives busting their balls trying to play the "let's guess what we did wrong" and a shitty ad as the bonus prize.

Just say NO to No. A very pissed off Me.


Sam Johnston said...

This post: I don't like it.

Ha Ha

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