Sep 12, 2012

More Stuff I Wish I Had the Balls to Do.

1) Go into my client's office, proceed to puke all over their desks and say "Have a Nice Day, Idiots!"

2) Write on everybody's Facebook wall how annoying it is to listen to them talk about their kids all the time.

3) Get a bat, go to the movies and proceed to hit everybody who decides to talk while it plays.

4) Cook an amazing dinner spiced with Clorox and invite my neighbor over. She sucks beyond control.

5) Go to my last ad agency that I worked on, walk up to the CEO and start yapping about how much fake ads his team has submitted to Cannes, ask for black mail money and return home a very wealthy woman.

Since I'm on fire mad this day, I could go on forever. But one more bonus:

6) The next idiot who calls to give me a stupid change, I would just love to just say "Shut up. I'll do it later" - and hang up.
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