Nov 7, 2012

Look forwards and run your own race

One of the biggest challenges I’m facing now is coming to terms that many times I’ve looked to the side and focused on something one or two particular people are doing rather than stay in my race. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one and you can’t help but question many a decision because some people suck so bad, yet they have success. They might not have respect from all their peers and they may not have happiness, but they have the bigger paycheck, they have an office and you can’t help but speculate... and that’s when you lose a ton of energy and time in your life... when you look to the side.

If you’re reading this, take one thing away from it... run your own race. Focus on what you want to do in life. If you don’t feel good at your job, ask yourself why and see how many of those answers have to do with someone else and what they do, what they earn or what title they have. If too many of the answers have to do with someone else, you’re getting distracted, you’re uninspired and you would do yourself good to just find a new job.

When you are surrounded by douchebags or when you just have to deal with one particular dumbfuck consistently, things like this can happen, and that’s when your output and your overall performance suffer. That’s when you start nitpicking over things that don’t matter. That’s when you start slacking and half assing... that’s when you start becoming that which you hate.

In my experience, it’s happened countless times because I’ve seen great teams ruined by one sack of shit. I’ve seen great professionals throw the towel because they don’t get what they deserve (or they think they deserve), even after running countless extra miles. In my case, it frustrates me to no end because where other people see an asset, I see a poser, a brownnoser, an arrogant person who thinks they know everything when they lack the experience to look past to what they emulate and the list goes on. And in all honest, I’m the one who’s wrong... I shouldn’t look to the side, but it rips me to no end because I see the value of kissing ass and I’m still not willing to do it, but rather disappointed that it yields results like the ones I see on a daily basis.

A few months ago, I’d surpassed this frustration because I really don’t like the person in question. On a personal basis I hate people who talk down to people, who have a sense of entitlement and who have even gone to the lengths to tell people that they have to respect them, just because. Last I checked, respect is earned... yet I digress... because it’s so easy to digress. It’s way too easy to focus on hatred, on anger, on frustration and on the negative spectrum of light we often cast on our lives...

A very probable reality is that the job you’re at isn’t as good a fit as you want it to be. This means that like me, you’re settling. You’re settling for getting less out of your job on all levels... financially, professionally, personally and spiritually. So next time you grit your teeth in frustration, question your motives and feel free to change the light bulb you’re currently using.

Use a bulb that highlights your daily impact on the lives of other people. Focus on individual smiles you succeed in bringing to someone’s face. Be dependable. See the value in what you do. Focus on your race. Smile. Live. See the light.

If not, then you’ll just keep complaining, bitching, feeling like crap and eventually tripping over your own feet... and that’s when you won’t be able to blame someone else, because you should have been looking forwards, instead of to the side.



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