Jan 21, 2013

Can I get a Mulligan?

January is one of those months that can really do a number on you. Plans are put into motion, resolutions are written down and you really, really want to get to a good start so it defines the rest of the year. Life however, sometimes has other plans and your ass gets kicked.

It could be related to health, relationships, work, or life in general, but January can be brutal to you to the point where you really wish you had a reset button so you can resume play from your last save. You want a break, some slack a respite, if you will… you want a mulligan.

Seriously, if fucking up came with a get out of jail free card and you could catch a break, people would take more risks… but there’s no insurance for that. No cheat code that can remedy life’s hiccups, there’s just looking forward and soldiering on, so to speak.

It’s funny because for however much it pains us to endure our mundane existence, it all pails when you hold it up to real problems from around the world. But that’s just it… people have real problems. They have serious issues that are at a whole other level. Most of us bitch because we’re doing ok, but could be doing so much better… yet those results elude us… or do we elude them?

I don’t mean to be mystical here, but seriously, what’s keeping us from taking a mulligan, from clicking reset, from rebooting and reassessing ourselves so we get off to a better start. What’s holding us back from going to the “Year store” and asking for a replacement year you can make better use of?

The answer looks us in the mirror every day. We are our own crutches, our own worst excuses and our inspiration to procrastinate. It’s convenient to complain… that’s why we do it, because it’s easy and all too common… but every single evening is a chance to reboot… a chance to click reset and a chance to not need to ask for a mulligan every day.

You want a break? Then take it… no one’s stopping you from getting back on track… even if you do one hell of a job convincing yourself otherwise.



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