Jan 28, 2013

Smiling with my dick in your dessert

After working in various companies, you realize that eventually it’s quite feasible that you’ll perceive your employer as the enemy.

Sure they pay you for work, but COME ON! How bad is work that they have to pay you to do it? This means that although you may have a good run, the vast majority of people will get to a point where they will get fed up with their current situations and start searching… that’s when things finally get fun.

Why you ask? Because when you’re actively looking for a new job, you start to find the surrounding circumstances funny. What used to frustrate you to no end suddenly becomes a joke… because pretty soon, you’ll drop this problem, return it to sender and add to their pile the act of having to find a replacement for you.

Suddenly you start to become more efficient, things run smooth and you quite possibly start producing your best work, because you’re finally able to ignore the tidbits of every day office bullshit that boil your soul to no end. That’s when you start smiling.

The best part is when people ask why the hell you’re so happy and you answer with an “oh nothing” and start skipping away. It’s because I may be taking your order and getting you a full blown meal… but you’re getting an extra something you don’t know about. It may be because you may be sending me more work I hate, while doing it with an attitude worthy of a g├╝ido bitch slap… and I’m still smiling.

And the closer your dessert gets to you, the more I smile... until you’re going to take your second bite. That’s when I tell you my little secret technique, hand in my letter of resignation and skip away like a giddy devil child.

So to all those people who are smiling as their moment of truth nears…



Me said...

Damn, I'm happy and sad at the same time. I'm sure gonna miss you guys, most of all our amazing drunken dinners once a month.

But I know this is for the best. Enjoy this moment, it is damn cool. Besides, I'll pack any day of the week and visit you. :)

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