Feb 14, 2013

Look at the palm of your hands: The Valentines Day Post.

Come on. Go ahead and look at your hands. Nope, I'm not looking for you to think about your nails or if you need a mani. I'm doing this so you think about what friendship truly is. Yep, true friends - those who we are supposed to celebrate on a day like today (but you should do it every single day) - are supposed to be counted by your fingers.

Think about it. You do have people "you know". Some are close- ok, close-ish. But true, deep friendships? Nah, you can count them with your hands. They are there when you need them the most - and they are not there all the time, contrary to popular belief. It's a fine mix of being and not being there, because true friends you don't need around you all the time. Life moves fast, we all have different lives, but we all know that we're connected, all the time, even if we don't call every single day or see each other every weekend. (Who does that, anyways? Sick people!)

So today, apart from being the day in which all human kind or the majority gets laid decently, this is also the day for celebrating friendships. And trust me, I do it all year long. I cherish my friends because they represent family to me. As a only child from a single mother, they have become my brothers and sisters, my rocks.

So while I can't say your names, where are you or what you do to the 7 people who read this blog - when we have taken the time to write a decent post - I do know you will read this. So, here's my little Valentines Card for you out there.

Thank you for listening. Thank you for having patience with me. Thank you for making me laugh, for hearing me complain. Thank you for trusting me with your problems and your most troubling thoughts, thinking that I can help out in any way. I hope I have helped when you have needed me.

Thank you for letting me come to your house, or coming to my crib - and sharing a bottle or five with me. Thank you for being with me at my worst and at my best. I hope I say this quite a lot so it's not a surprise to you all, but I do really love each and one of you, life would totally suck balls without you. I cannot fathom not calling one of you to tell you what happened to me on a weird day, or if I saw an awful campaign, or if something just is so damn funny you need to know it.

You all know I don't have any real brothers or sisters that know me as well as you do, and trust me, this is something that truly means a whole deal to me. You guys are the only dudes and dudettes who truly know me apart from my husband - which is also my very best friend who will get awesomely laid tonight - and I just wanted to let you know how much you mean to me.

I hope I'm a good friend, I hope all the amazing things you have done for me I have returned. I hope that I mean at least half of what all you mean to me.

I'm so glad I got fingers left on my hand, because I don't need 10. I'm done, I'm good with all the amazing friends I have right now. You are all just what I need.

Happy Valentines, guys. With all the love in the world, Me.


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