Aug 31, 2013

Miley Cyrus is not raunchy or racy OR why Hannah Motana sucks teddy bear balls

After Cyrus’s recent VMA antics, the tsunami of memes, comments, support, justifications and opinions has been staggering… something I’m sure her little pretentious self adores. Fuck, look at me, I hate her and I’m writing about her… although it’s with a purpose.

Topics of discussion include the fact that Miley’s ass looked like a bowl of Jell-o that had been sitting at room temp for the better part of a day, her giraffe tongue, her haircut, her level of raunch and the fact that she could sponsor Dyson vacuum cleaners, because like the product, she has no loss of suction.

Let’s get one thing straight, I hated and deplored Miley’s performance NOT because it was “raunchy”, “saucy” or “haughty”; I hated it because it’s the actions of a little self entitled cunt who thinks she deserves the world, considers herself a trendsetter, does things exclusively for attention and is just overall a shell of a person, clinging on to anything just to say she has a personality. I did not hate the performance because of her body, her clothing or even the shitty content, it’s her Splenda attitude that leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I make this clarification because I have NO problem whatsoever with a woman being sexy, a woman feeling empowered or even a young woman demonstrating her sexual prowess. I do have a problem with Miley, her sense of entitlement and the fact she’s a little brat who promotes shitty values to young women who look up to her.

To make it abundantly clear, I’m going to go on a limb and recommend four women who are better role models than Miley Cyrus: Nina Hartley, Sasha Grey, Kay Parker and Penny Flame. What do those four names have in common? A couple of things: They are people whom I respect as women and professionals, who are true to themselves and show a degree of maturity scarce in an ample part of the population. Oh, and they all are or were porn stars.

That’s right, four women who performed in the adult industry have my vote as a better role model than Miley Cyrus and before you judge, hear me out.

Let’s start with Nina Hartley. A performer for somewhere around 30 years, I won’t go into the details of her illustrious porn career. Instead I’ll focus on the fact that she’s 54 and still performing, a woman who has embraced her sexuality and who is a certified sex educator. She has always been clear that porn sex is not real sex and never recommends pornography as an educational source, but as an erotic source to get inspired with your partner. Nina has always been very open and allowed herself to be put into countless situations where she’s surrounded by men and women who want to burn her at the sake all for the sake of advocating for sexual liberation in women. THAT’S someone I can and do respect.

Sasha Grey is a former adult performer who has crossed into Hollywood for real, appearing in Steven Soderbergh’s The Girlfriend Experience, other film credits and, oh yeah, she was on HBO’s Entourage. Add to that that she actually went to the View to defend her life choices and you see this isn’t your typical bimbo who takes a load on the face. She is intelligent, acutely aware of her decisions and following her own path, while maintaining her commitment to social values she supports, namely education. I mention that last bit because she had volunteered to do a reading for children to promote education and that was a controversy… nonetheless, her response was that she volunteered because she believed in the cause, was not opposed to parents and their feelings, thought everyone should had been informed of her participation and nonetheless supports education. THAT’S someone I can and do respect.

To many men from Generation X, Kay Parker signaled their passage to manhood thanks to the vintage porn series called Taboo. On film, things could get so hot, she actually chipped a tooth once. Later on she retired from the industry and is currently a metaphysical counselor and lecturer who is dedicated to connecting to people and achieving a higher purpose… oh and she doesn’t have issues with her past. She honestly and openly talks about her experience and how people were confused by her because she would perform and later be reserved and borderline prudish. She could make the distinction between work and play, looked to truly connect and tap into something primal in our sexuality and later walked away, with no problem whatsoever. THAT’S someone I can and do respect.

Last on this list is Penny Flame AKA Jennifer Ketcham. A former adult star, what began as a publicity stunt when she checked into a sexual addiction rehabilitation center turned into revelation, she stuck to it and has handled demons that tortured her to become Jennie. A wonderfully inspired and brutally honest blogger, Jennie quit the business, recognized she had a problem and works hard to become who she is. A blogger, a painter and someone who forfeited easy money she could still be earning from pornography to make a legit living. THAT’S someone I can and do respect.

Each of these four women have bared it all and shown a level of onscreen passion that is truly raunchy and damn near feral. They are women who are sincere to whom they are as women. They accept their past and offer up a true example of what a real woman could be. It’s not that I’m telling the daughters of the world should line up to enroll in the adult industry, it’s that when you look past the sex, there are women with substance, with something to say, something to teach and something to share.

Miley Cyrus is just a spoiled little bitch with the worst kind of attention deficit disorder, because she wants all the attention to herself and that everything she does has to be touted as epic… that’s someone I CANNOT, WILL NOT AND DO NOT respect. 


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