Feb 2, 2014

That Accountability is a Hot Potato

Ah yes, the beauty of accountability and people avoiding it. Brilliant people know how to best cover their asses apparently, because supervisors and VPs, AKA , the scum of middle management, are EXPERTS in covering their asses and tactfully blaming someone else.

You see, when all goes well, that’s when it stops being the team and some carefully chosen words like me, myself and I work into the communication to take the credit. By the same token, when something goes wrong, it’s the half ass accountability where they say it’s my fault but our bad.

That’s quite the cock knock and when you work at a large company, the order of the day. Accountability is this Hot Potato, or Wheel of Fortune wheel where you’re wishing for an extra spin but when you’re about to land on bankrupt, you literally switch with the person next to you.

For those not familiar with office environments, that’s exactly what happens sometimes and it also happened in advertising although not as bad as I see in my current place of employment. People seem to think that shitty things only seem to happen in ad agencies and although there are still hundreds of stories to share, I have this itch to let you know that Office Space is a reality and that shitty work environments don’t always have the luxury of allowing you to come in flips flops and check porn at work. Offices, honest, hard working, sheep filled offices are just as bad as ad agencies except you don’t have the happy hours, your cubicles don’t have decorations and the HR people don’t get as drunk.

Thing is that in advertising, back stabbing is a lot more common whereas bullshit, bureaucracy and the Accountability Hot Potato Game are the name of the game in Sheeps R Us. The worst is when someone makes as if they represent a team and are really accountable. It’s an Oscar worthy performance every time because they seriously believe they are being accountable… they’re not. They’re just using legal jargon to make you think they give a shit about the team when they don’t.

So here’s to the Hot Potato… may it burn the hands of slippery fuckwads the world round.


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