Apr 18, 2014

Boxes and molds

Can someone please explain the obsession of breaking the mold and thinking outside the box? I hear it from all fucking sides. Everyone in stereo clamoring for the revolutionary ideas that will yield results and save the account.

Well here’s something you don’t hear every day:

There’s nothing wrong with the mold or thinking within the box.

Before you decide to become all righteous with your moustache an d shower me with patchouli droppings, hear me out. I’m NOT saying don’t question the quo and don’t push boundaries. Not at all, when you have the chance to do this, the client with the budget and the balls then fucking go for it. In the meantime, accept that many clients are not willing to risk something without a guaranteed ROI (Return of Investment).

Also, before you come bitching that you don’t get to do anything fun, accept one thing… the box and the mold offer more space than you care to admit. But it’s the act of NOT being a Maverick or a rebel that fucking kills you.

Drop your ego, dispense with the drama and show just how much you can do within the confines of established normalcy. Show results, get the numbers, show them who’s the fucking expert and all the time tell them that with a little more risk, they could get double the rewards. If they don’t bite, it’s Ok, it’s not the end of the world, it’s just a job… and that’s the other reminder: this is just a job.


Anonymous said...

I love you. Can we hang out some time?

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