Aug 30, 2014

Hoop-de-doo for that email you sent at odd hours

Some people really are wayyyy too efficient at patting themselves on the back. They send emails at 11:00 PM or at 5:30 AM and think that means something; as if they’re more professional, more responsible or just a better employee for doing that…

Let’s stop that little train of thought right there and set some things straight. 

Working late or working early does not automatically make you better. Odds are quite high you are either short on time, you’re not well organized or you’re just a workaholic.

Emailing at odd hours is also not a sign of commitment to your job. It’s you executing your functions at odd hours. 

Nothing more, nothing less. 

Don’t get all poetic and melodramatic, this isn’t a sacrifice. You just sent an email.

That’s another thing, people call sending emails "working". I’m not saying it’s not an important function, but clicking fwd and writing FYI is not exactly rocket science. 

However, clear instructions, no back and forth or flip flopping… THAT’S working, THAT’S commendable and that’s also exactly what most people DON’T do especially in those late night or early morning emails. 

So kindly, click save draft and save us the drama. 


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