Aug 25, 2014

If we have to ask, you didn’t explain correctly

In a dog-email-dog world such as the one we live in, it becomes increasingly clear that people don’t want to look each other in the face… Ok, I’m game… but could you please explain things neatly, concisely and clearly... just at least once in a while... maybe? Please?

In the jobs we have it’s almost silly to see how shitty we are at communicating. Half the emails we receive require a clarification... last I checked, that’s sucking at communicating. Still, people are in such a rush to get the ball rolling that they don’t take the time to properly explain something before clicking send.

And that’s the thing: we’re always in a constant state of rush... and it isn’t conducive to anything positive... it’s a waste of time and you end up wasting time by not being clear.... I could go on a rant, but seriously... the point is made so let’s move on to the next one.



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