Aug 5, 2014

The Infinity Douche

When you work in advertising, one thing can easily happen… you working at various places. In my experience, I actually worked in 6 agencies. Face it, turnaround happens sometimes and because of the nature of the biz, sometimes you need to switch jobs to get a raise, one of the more retarded advertising realities. 

Regardless of all of this, something does remain true in advertising and actually any industry:

We all have our Infinity Douche….. a person that is such a piece of shit that you will forever hold a grudge and remember that their existence is actually a stain on humanity. It could be a man, a woman, a creative, an exec, you name it…. When you find that special brand of asshole, they mark you for life. 

In my life, I’ve worked with mentally unstable people, egomaniacs and overall just unpleasant beings (they’re supposedly human). But there’s one fuckface that rules them all, one guy I really have no interest in seeing ever again… and I know everyone has their poison, so by all means, hold the name but spill the beans, who’s your Infinity Douche?


sarah lee said...

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Cindy Dy said...

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Leslie Lim said...

This is really an interesting topic. Congratulations to the writer. I'm sure a lot of readers having fun reading your post. Hoping to read more post from you in the future. Thank you and God bless!

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