Aug 7, 2014

There is no Bogeyman

Oh my there are so many bogeymen in advertising, it’s ridiculous.

“The client asked for this change. The creative director didn’t approve. The CEO just happened to see this, and he thinks we should change this to this.”

I’ve heard just so many bullshit stories that I’m amazed people still believe them. I’ve heard execs lie through their teeth, me call them on their bullshit, them insist they were telling the truth and later have clients AND internal personnel call them on their bullshit, thus losing any credibility they thought they had. You see, when some people want to change something because they want to have a say in your work, they will say just about anything to convince you to make the change. And I mean anything.

I’ve heard that the president from the client’s company was thinking about putting the account on review and that the latest artwork was the straw that broke the camel’s back… I write this and have to laugh at the memory of this person’s conviction in their bullshit story. And like this sorry bastard, I’ve met dozens of professionals who rather than negotiate and enter a dialogue would rather just scare you into doing a change, even if it’s detrimental to a layout, a campaign or a brand… JUST because they’re following their gut.

I’ve tried to follow my gut many times and in these occasions, it is completely asserted in its assessment because let’s face it, bullshit of such magnitude will make even the most tolerant person sick.


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