Sep 10, 2014

Heaven is having a party

First Robin Williams, now Gustavo Cerati, not to mention Harold Ramis in February; it’s been a rough year for nice people . As we are wrapping things here at WAS, we should note that if any of us survive 2014, we’re not that nice. True, Joan Rivers also passed and she was known for being less than kind to many people, still, that was her persona and she actually seems to have been a nice person with a hell of a work ethic.

Cerati was the most recent and juxtaposed with Robin Williams, I think the peculiar linking word between both of them is hope. While Robin unfortunately took the decision into his own hands, Gustavo Cerati had been in a coma for 4 years. 4 long years of waiting, of hoping, of dreaming. Millions of fans praying and wishing.

With Gustavo there was hope because we were allowed to imagine, what if he wakes up? I imagine what his wonderful mother had to go through these four years and how she kept hope firmly grasped. Two weeks ago she said he was responding, holding on to her hands. There was hope. To the last moment, she kept the faith and hoped. Fans dreamed and dared to hope as well. I was one of those who hoped, who actually prayed for his recovery and dreamed of just one song after this long odyssey.

And I don’t regret one second of all that hope. It was not in vain, it showed me just how much an artist can touch people because beyond the moniker “artist” there is a person. A person that dared to pursue a passion and connect.

Gustavo Cerati passing away today reminds me why hope is so important and that if Robin had just had one sliver of the hope we shared for Gustavo, he might still be making us laugh.

Because in the end, regardless of the outcome, hope is never in vain.



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