Oct 27, 2010

Happy Halloween! Five Movies that scared the sh*t out of: ME.

'Tis the season to be gory, fa la la la la, la la la la. Happy Halloween everybody! Yep, it's that wonderful time of the year when men dress up as what they want to be in life and women... like sluts. Everything dead is celebrated, and we all dust off the scary movies to see if we still get shit scared. So, what better way to join the gory celebrations than by going back in time and deciding what 5 movies made me not sleep, walk dark areas shit scared and have nightmares for months?

In order of how much scared I got - and remember, most of them I saw when I was a child, so bear with me 'cause now I don't get scared at all:

1) The Shining.
Sometimes if I walk a long hallway in a hotel I will shit my pants slowly. Thank you Stanley Kubrick.

2) Alien.
Man... I hate cockroaches and more so when they are 6 feet tall and designed by HR Giger. Inside joke, sometimes when I'm working the nightshift at the agency I will say "kill... me..." like the chick in the movie waiting to be eaten in the pod.

3) Stephen King's It.
Remove the giant spider. Just focus on the HOLY FREAKING CLOWN brought to life brilliantly by Tim Curry (of Rocky Horror Picture Show fame) and you will get a woman who REFUSES to celebrate ANY birthday with a clown. Period.

4) Poltergeist 1 and 2.
Holy Jesus, man. Than movie made tv's static scary, made old people scary, made watching your face at night scary. Oh and another movie where clowns are a no-no. I cannot sit through the scene of the little boy and the clown without flinching a bit. And I'm a fucking adult.

5) Jaws.
Come on. Tell me you can swim in deep blue water (don't give me at a four feet deep beach), no land for 30 minutes and sing the "tah-dah-tah-dah" Jaws song without freaking the hell out and thinking your limb is going to be eaten. Being able to snorkel and swim in deep waters after that is a triumph.

So there you go, these are the five movies that forever will be a little bit scary and a little bit nice. What are yours? Write us here or at our twitter!

Be safe on Halloween night, you kids out there! Much creepy love, Me.


Nika Arpadarai said...

well, I remember only "Omen" from my childhood. can't watch it even now ..

Osama Zain said...

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