Mar 29, 2011

Top 25 women you’d love to take home to mom - 16-20

20. Jayne Wisener (Sweeny Todd)

If ever a woman looked like a water nymph capable of melting even the harshest heart, it’s Jayne Wisener. Her role in Sweeny Todd was played to perfection because if anyone could make you believe she’s a beautiful ward, placed into the guardianship of an evil man that could only be played by Allan Rickman, then Wisener is your choice. Simply put, she’s beautiful and looks so sublimely sweet that if your mom doesn’t like her, at least she’ll love the way she makes you look.

19. Nigella Lawson

Even the Marlboro Man would find it hard not to watch the Food Network when Nigella Lawson is on. This 50 year old beauty not only justifies the term food porn, she revels in it. So off the bat, you’re presenting your mom with a mature, sexy, successful woman that will definitely feed you. Apart from this, she’s beautiful and if your mom still has issues, they will quickly melt away once she bites into one of Nigella’s chocolate creations.

18. Leelee Sobieski

Tell me Leelee doesn’t look like Helen Hunt’s daughter. Apart from that remarkable coincidence, Miss Sobieski is a decent actress but more importantly, sounds and acts like she has a plan and is just the dose of maturity your mom always says you need in a suitable partner. She’s also easy on the eyes in a non-pretentious in your face kind of a way, so your mom will swear you’re being well taken care of while maintaining that wholesome image of her son.

17. Norah Jones

Norah Jones is the type of woman that makes men sigh like girls looking at their favorite pop star. She’s like a kinder sweeter version of Michelle Rodríguez (hold the tomboy badassness as well). She strides rather than walks and is confident without being cocky. Simply put, she’s sexy because she is who she is and that’s a whole lot more than most women put together.

16. Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Mary Elizabeth Winstead is like a girl next door version of Anne Hathoway. She looks accessible, friendly, beautiful and someone who you can approach. Did I mention she was absolutely beautiful? Oh yeah that too. Besides, if your mom does a twenty item questionnaire, odds are she’ll ace the test.
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