Jul 20, 2011

The Top 35 Sidekicks of All Time - Vol.3 #'s 25-21

#25. Marcie:

Never has the phrase “Yes sir” had more love and devotion injected into it than when Marcie says it. Seriously, one Peanuts episode scene where she and Peppermint Pattie interact is more than enough evidence to showcase why she’s on the list.

#24. Ford Prefect

You want to see the galaxy? Become a nerf herder. You want to see the galaxy in style? You call Ford Prefect. Spontaneous enough to jump out of a window to prove a point, hilarious, and the single reason why Arthur Dent was still alive after the Earth was destroyed. If only for that, he deserves a nod and then some. Oh, and having a trusty towel never hurts either.

#23. Al Calavicci (Quantum Leap)

Sam Beckett was lost through time and he had only one person in the entire time space continuum helping him… that was Al. You probably know someone who’s had your back all your life… but can you honestly say you know someone who has had your back throughout numerous lives? I think not.

#22. Tinkerbell

Simply put, without Tink, Peter can’t fly for shit. Short in stature, big in guts, Tink saves Peter’s life so many times he should have forgotten Wendy altogether and go the pixie route.

#21. Garth Algar

What would Wayne’s World be without Garth? Probably the planetary equivalent of a Guru Pitka satellite orbiting with a lame Scottish accented ping. Face it, sans Garth, said world would have no party time and would be far from excellent.


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