Sep 12, 2014

To be continued…

This is my final message here on WAS. It’s been a hell of a run. We almost got to 4,000 posts. We tore shit up. We spoke our minds and hearts... We didn’t hold back.

And now, this blog ends.

There is more to come from all WAS contributors, but this blog will pass to a better life.

For my part, I have loved these 9 years of hate filled love. I was able to truly find my passion, which is writing. We’ve bled, we’ve sweat and shed tears for this blog. We’ve had our asses dilated by an unforgiving industry that pushed us to the limit.

But we’re still fucking here.

We’re ending the blog on our terms. Now. We didn’t get to the tenth season because we have shit to do and we’re doing it.

Every single member of WAS is going through their own evolution and for me, it’s been pursuing my dream to be a writer. Not a copywriter, but a writer. With one novel down, one poetry collection published, two finished projects which will be published soon and 4 others in the pipeline, I need to give this blog thanks for inspiring me to write... to be consistent with my writing. To explore, to push, to break down walls.

I have honestly not given a fuck to limit my topics and have spoken my mind on everything from gender to racism because these topics need to be talked about.

But this era ends. We are unable to remain being one trick ponies and are looking ahead.

Still, this is a to be continued, not a goodbye. There are other WAS projects that will live beyond this blog because they are the next step in our evolution.

We will not take no for an answer. We will not rest until our message of agency anarchy reaches all the people we can help to reach.

There are other mediums, other people that need our message to laugh and relate, and other challenges to tackle. So here’s til next we see you. It’s been a fucking honor to slice my stomach open and use my guts and blood as ink to write my testament regarding an industry I’d hate even more if I didn’t love it just a bit.

This is not goodbye, this is a sayonara to the blog and a warning to you... we will not rest. We don’t do rest. We don’t do giving up. We live for the moment, for the surprise and I still have a Joker or two up my sleeves. So stay tuned kiddies, there will be no warning when we strike... but you have been warned. This is not the end of WAS. This is just us giving you a chance to miss us before we tear you a new one.

Peace, love and maki rolls.

Chef Joker, signing off.



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