Aug 27, 2007

Bob kinda sags it

After reading a few reviews and comparing notes with what some people at had to say for Bob Saget's first HBO Special, I'm at a sort of crossroads in regards to how much I'm really willing to carve Saget a new asshole. I'm not basing this on pity but instead on the answer to one simple question: "Did I at least get a chuckle out of this?"

The answer is a yes. It was never a gut busting laugh fest but the idea of Saget Calling Dave Coulier's hair a reverse Sting/Flock of Seagulls piece of shit or prompting audience members to ask Coulier if he shaves his balls was mildly entertaining. Possibly too mildly, maybe even Taco Bell Sauce Mild. When asked to describe his comedic style the problem with the term I'd use to describe it is that it sounds to chic or too smart. You be the judge. I say it's the closest to Streaming Consciousness of a perverted and molested thirteen year old boy. It's crude, it's random, segways are non existent and any excuse to say fuck is used and abused. Now, that's not to say I didn't laugh in various moments. Hell it's not even to say that I didn't enjoy it. I did, just mildly.

It almost seems as if everything Saget has done could be chastised for being mild and it seems as such a shit word, but it does hold water often times. I saw Farce of the penguins and actually enjoyed it a lot because it's coarse, crud and random, but it worked. I saw the Aristocrats and enjoyed his version though I would have loved to have seen the versions from Richard Pryor, Bill Hicks, Rodney Dangerfield and Sam Kinison more than Saget's full version, though I can see why it works for Saget. If it's all about stacking disgusting slurs one on top of the other to baffling heights and forgetting the uses of logic, then he's golden.

As for a more grounded defense, I'd like to comment on what some people said as far as this being the worst standup in existence. I'd also like to bring forth a 4 star rating saying that the standup isn't everyone's cup of tea. First off, this is not the worst standup ever. Second off, I agree that this isn't everyone's cup of tea. You have to enjoy the hellish mish mash of random comments to get into Saget or at least this standup. Thirdly, though this is not everyone's cup of tea, it's also NOT a 4 star performance much less a five star performance. It's ok, it's watchable and to be fair with the guy, I'm sure if I see it a couple of times, I'll enjoy it that much more, but quite frankly, Saget just wanted to kill his Danny Tanner nice guy Bob persona with one solid stab, and that just wasn't to be.

You were a sitcom dad, you were a family show host, you made a shit load of money... this is your due payment. Who knows maybe he did a pound of cocaine before taking the stage hence him being so wired, but seems like he could always be that way. Again, it wasn't a total loss and to compare it to something you can understand, it's almost like one of those shitty movies you have to finish once you start watching.

Danny Tanner might not be gay, but he's not hilarious either. that's what happenes when you expect something, and get something totally different and half as cool as what you had in mind. Hell he even avoided the Aristocrat joke which was a cheap pop in the making if I've ever seen one. What I will give him though is that he's produced some interesting movies and I'm far more comfortable giving him money than MencĂ­a any day of my life.

In short, though it's not the massive piece of shit some people herald it as, I'm not going to be sucking cock to see it again.

2.25 out of 5 jokers


Me said...

Well, for me it was like this: I remembered on Saturday how it was wanting a fucking awesome gift for Xmas... and getting the cheap, ugly version of it.

I actually started sucking my thumbs and wanting to see my mom.

Sad. Saget Sad.

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