Aug 2, 2007

The John Rambo WAS Movie Special!!!

Here at WAS we have a special tradition. When a cool movie opens, we all get together, have two or three Tequila shots at the nearest bar and head off to the movies. But this one is special, and I hope you all do it with us. Join the WAS team wherever you are on 2008 and wait for John Rambo to open.

Plan it carefully. Take all the ones that you love. Go to whatever bar you wish, but do it near the movie theater (my recommendation). Order a round of Tequila shots and toast with pride the fact that you will see this gem.

Then... let's all see the greatest movie ever. Gore. Violence. Blood. Rambo. You can't ask for anything more. Don't have anyone to go with? Go alone, who cares. You will be going with us in some way. Then, a couple of weeks after (let's give everyone a fair chance to enjoy the different opening days), we will write back and say what we loved about this carnage on film.

Yes... At WAS we have many cool traditions, some we have forgotten to keep, some I have been doing for quite a while (Commando day is a weekly thing for me, thank you very much). But this one is special, because we are asking all our readers to join in the fun and see a movie that maybe will suck beyond belief, or maybe, just maybe, becomes the greatest Cult Classic of our time.

So, WAS readers, you have a date with us. And of course, with John himself. Hope you make it!


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