Aug 26, 2007

A moment of silence.

Here at WAS we joke and bitch about our life. Advertising or not. We put silly little videos like the one below, we write about stupid movies or books, or whatever else ticks our whatever bone. But tonight, as I browse the internet doing a simple research about one upcoming trip I have, I found something so sad, I really had to write something.

CNN is reporting that the Utah miners are dead. They dug a seventh hole and found that there is no sign of life. More so, the reported amounts of oxygen near tells the experts that there is no way that they have survived. They will keep digging, it doesn't matter how long, until they find, at least, the bodies. (Click at the name of the post if you want to read all the news)

I just find this so sad. Really. In fact, I feel ashamed. I sometimes moan and bitch about stupid stuff that happens, and this makes me feel so small. I sometimes forget that there are millions of people out there with bigger problems or even worse situations... and I feel I have no right to whine, whatsoever.

I offer my condolences, truly, from the bottom of my heart, to all the families, friends, loved ones who suffered from this ordeal. I know, as well, that they will never read this, but I wish they know that there are thousands of us out there that are very sad that this tragedy happened, and I just hope that they find peace, somehow.

I know that we will return to our silly little rants, tomorrow, or the next day, because life goes on. It has to. But for tonight, at least from me, there will be no more posts. Out of respect.

May God, or whatever you feel like to define something greater, bless us all.


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