Oct 2, 2007

I think this might work.

Ok so here's the deal. We work our butts off. Sometimes more than we wish for. Um. Nah. All the time. We live day by day, just taking one job down, waiting for the other, repeat... We sometimes, well, most of the time, bitch and moan about some stupid thing. What we long for the most is time. Time to do stuff. Time to play, time to relax, time to do whatever sick fuck idea comes to mind.

The thing is this. Today while working at the office, we decided to put on the tv. By coincidence, I stumbled on a trailer about a movie called The Bucket List. A film about two guys who write down what they want to do before they die. Interesting, I thought. But... why before you die? Why not just because?

So here's my idea. Let's see how many people join in.

I invite you to write just one thing you want to do. Anything, just make it something you want to do this week. You might think you don't have the time. Trust me, you do. Even if it is 20 minutes. Just think of something you have wanted to do for quite a while but you have postponed it. Something that makes your left testicle tingle, your uterus tremble... whatever. Then, try to do it. This week. Think of this like an ad that has to go to the newspaper. You have your deadline, you must do this.

Why, pray tell, is this idea good? Dammit!!! We need to do stuff for ourselves, once in a while. We don't need to become drones who wake up, go to work, eat, sleep and do it all over the next day! This may get you thinking of bigger things that you also are not doing, and maybe this is a baby step to make those things come true.

Hope you join in. Live long and prosper.

(Um. Sorry. Watched too much Star Trek this week. Picard rules)


Daniel said...

I'm going to accept your challenge and enjoy a Cornfield Maze and Hayride with my kiddos and girlfriend. Time to cut out early one day and celebrate these little rugrats before they get any older and hate me for working too much... I just need to remember my hayfever meds.

joker said...

I'm going to write two chapters in my book and take one lunch hour to surf. I'll survive on granola bars, fuck it. I'll also take the time to read some chapters of the books I'm halfway through and see if I can't finish two videogames I'm at the cusp of passing.

RestrictionsApply said...

I'm gonna try some new recipies from a BBQ book I bought last month.

Me said...

I will ask for delivery of my favorite sandwich place and eat it at the beach, toes in sand and all.

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