Jan 20, 2008

Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs?

Sorry to any follower, but this creeps me out!!!!!


joker said...

Ummmm..... it's a very CULTurally enlightening clip. I wonder if they have agriCULTural programs one can look into. It's good they can CULTivate good values into people....... what? What did I say? To be honest, yes it's creepy but as with any set of beliefs, to each their own. One can make a case if they are or are not a religion, but since I'm not interested, I wish them the best and that they find what they're looking for and be happy. Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Catholic, Scientologist, Zoroastran, Buddhist, Hindu... as long as we all get along, it's all good. As for some of the claims that psychiatry started wars etc etc, I shall remain respectfully skeptical though I do disagree wholeheartedly with people over medicating themselves. As for signing up, Tom said it best, either you're in or you're out and I'm definitely not in. So have fun guys.

Me said...

I'm definitively not in as well, and I am glad to be an SP. SP Power, dammit. The thing that scares me are the tactics they use to intimidate people.

How I wish they would be like Krishnas. Just give me a damn flower and I'll think about joining or not.

I can bet my ass even Satan-lovers don't follow people on SUV's... Oh well.

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