Jan 31, 2008

Good vocabulary skills = Free Rice

Think you got it down with your vocabulary? Well here's a challenge fo' ya. Simple. Go to Freerice.com (link at the name of the post). For every word you get right, Free Rice and UN will donate 20 grains of rice to solve world hunger. Yesterday night I noticed, via my sister's facebook, that there was this thing going on. I clicked my way there and by the end of the night, I had given a decent amount of rice, enough to make a delicious paella. Nice.

Bored out of your mind at the office? Well, you could stop yourself from wasting time watching stupid YouTube videos and actually make a difference for someone that's hungry, right?

Come on guys, it's fun. You will definitively feel better because: 1) you will feel intelligent for a while, 2) you will feed someone. Win win situation, if you ask me.

Click away and have fun spreading rice!


joker said...

I'm fucking addicted to this game. Now would it be counterproductive to eat rice while playing it? Hmmm..... Just donated 140 grains of rice... and I just ate like 3000... burrrrp.

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