Jan 22, 2008


So the guys at Netflix sent me this great documentary. It's called... F**K. It's mainly about the word. Yup. Fuck. I strongly recommend watching this effin flick. Fuck. It is awesome.

Think about it, I sure didn't. The word is perfect. It has so many meanings, it is unbelievable. The documentary explores the multiple definitions that the word carries, mostly by comedians, politicians, historians, actors... you name it. The best thing about this fucking movie? You get both sides.

The people that get offended by it, the people that don't like to swear at all... and the people like us, that use it regularly and actually don't give a fuck about it. I mean... it's our god given right. Wait, it is freedom of speech, at its core. We use it, many times in a day, actually. Sometimes we are ashamed by using it - mostly in front of our parents - sometimes we use it as a release, a way to inflict power on something... the uses are simply mind boggling.

Also a great thing are the origins of the word. Some people insist it's an acronym, but it has proven not to be the case. In fact, historians can't pinpoint any document regarding where it came from. I believe that it came from above, somewhere holy and sacred. It came... dammit from the big bang, for all I care. I just know it's there, and I love it.

Here at WAS we use it loads of times. But I have never really sat down to think about how many times we use it, and in which way. Sometimes we use it out of anger, sometimes we use it as... damn, as anything. This documentary also goes into the FCC and the battle against freedom of speech, regulations, fines, etc.

Want to know how many presidents used it? Watch the film. Want to know why Lenny Bruce inducted Fuck into comedy as we know it today? Watch the film. Want to count how many times it has been used in movies? Yep. You got it.

Enjoy the darn flick!


RestrictionsApply said...

Netflix is the best

TexanInHippieland said...

I must fucking see that soon.

No. Wait.

I fucking must see that soon.

No Wait.

I must see that fucking soon.

No. Wait.

I must see that soon, fucking.

Ah, that's it.

joker said...

Fuck soon you must see. : D

Me said...

Hey tex...

You're fucked if you don't see it soon.

If you don't see it soon... fuck.

Fuck soon, you have to fucking see this fucking now.

You have to fucking see it as soon as you fucking can.

Wow. This word truly is amazing.

Make the logo bigger said...

A word that has so many legs. Ouch.


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