Jan 7, 2008

WAS recommends: Gelaskins!

Does your MAC looks like someone took a dump all over it? Do you wish you could make your iPod even more cooler and not have it get so much scratches? Tired of all the shitty covers? Try Gelaskins. I have used them for quite a while to protect the love of my life, my iPod, and it has worked perfectly. It is like a decal that goes in your device, be it iPod or Computer, and its a little bit padded.

Gelaskins come in WAY COOL designs and are the right price for a cool ass cover. They deliver to the moon, so if you're interested, by all means click at the name of the post.

This ad has been free of charge, but if the Gelaskins people want to hook us up, by all means, you're welcome to do it!!!


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