Jun 23, 2008

Shit. Piss. Fuck. Cunt. Cocksucker. Motherfucker. Tits. In other words, a tribute to Carlin

It's George Carlin tribute week at WAS. If you have any clips, put the link at the comment posts and I will place them front and center. Ironic. This is a truly sad day for me and where I live it's raining, it's gloomy... Now I know how mom felt when Lennon passed away. Shit this is very sad.

Anyway. Now that I had all day to digest the news - and it's still hard as hell - I wanted to follow Joker's footsteps and write George a line or two. You see, I felt this loss as if he was family, so maybe this will make me feel better. Um. I hope.

Hey Georgie Porgy:

What the fuck, man? Now you leave us all alone with fucking Mencia??? Great. Go right to heaven while I'm stuck here with Dane Cook. DANE COOK! Can you say NOT FUNNY? Frat Humor. Jesus. Yeah. Let God enjoy your one man show - does he have enough money to see you, anyways? I sure did. I just didn't think of one little thing: you couldn't live forever. Yeah, duh, right? Me is a fucking idiot. Instead of running to Vegas to see Cypress Hill, I could have waited a little bit more and... yeah. I would have seen one of my childhood heroes, live in person.

Well Jorgito, now that you can read this because you are in heaven and in heaven word goes around... You are and have always been my inspiration. You were the standard. You were the king of kings. In my book, you are and will always be the greatest copywriter that EVER lived. Fuck off if you didn't write advertising. You wrote life. You used words in such a way that it became a sport. I lived to wait for your HBO specials, just to see the "what the fuck moment" in them. You know. There was a moment when you were so brilliant, I secretly thought... Joe Pesci. (Yes, I still pray to Pesci, you are so right in that department) If only I could sit down with this guy for coffee just once.

Man. I will surely miss you. The worst is... All the good comedians I love are gone. The ones that are still here??? Murphy is wacking off another family movie which will suck more than life. Seinfeld is sucking on a matzo ball - he doesn't need to work anymore because being a Millionaire automatically makes you less funny by the dollar bill. All I have is Lewis Black. Great.

Ok now really being honest... You teached me my dark humor. You made me love to swear. You made me think differently. You made me laugh until my sides hurt. And today... you made me feel happy that I grew up with you. Now... can you come back and stay until I say so?

Right. You don't believe in miracles. Oh. Do me a favor. Tell the Aristocrat joke to God. Maybe he will get so angry he will throw you back to us to start over... Pleeeeeeeeaaaaase...


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