Jul 28, 2008

Mundane Monday

When something annoys me in life I tend to make ridiculous comparisons that strangely ring true in regards to my relationship and my reaction with whatever is bugging me. So since Monday's officially toss my Hispanic salad, here are the top ten things Mondays could be compared to.

Mondays are like

10. Going to the dentist. You really don't want to but you insist that you have to.

9. Throwing up when you're drunk. You really don't want to but you insist that you have to... familiar huh?

8. Listening to whatever is playing one someone else's car, preferably something that really irritates you.

7. Farting in front of your partner. It happens but you'd rather avoid it.

6. Getting braces. ie.: medieval torture that costs more than what you get out of it.

5. Drinking Diet Pepsi when you were expecting regular Cola. For us non Splenda drinkers few things can peeve us more than this shit and you end up feeling like a fool. Much like when you get to your desk after having interrupted your sweet dreams of eloping only to come to this.

4. A kick in the balls. You have a few seconds to process the pain that's going to be coming through any second now.

3. A paper cut, no matter how insignificant, it bugs the hell out of you.

2. Getting stuck in the elevator with someone that really shouldn't have had that hindu lunch pak. ie.: Having to deal with some other people's shit at some level.

1. Getting a call from a telemarketer. You're more likely to commit homicide rather than be productive.


1Letterman said...

Telemarketers blow dog.

Joker said...

and any animal or insect for that matter.

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