Aug 1, 2008

Can I have a small cup of disappointment???

Here's the deal. RestrictionsApply and myself were talking and walking a few days ago and I spotted a Pinkberry. I told him: look, the yogurt store!!! I have not been able to go, read that it's the place to munch down on something nice without the calories!!! Since it opened a few years ago ('05), at least I found it difficult to go. Since Restrictions and I share a "I have to try that" adventure streak, we decided to hit the line.

First of all, let me set the tone. Über asshole music playing all around the store. Fancy "thingies" for sale, mainly to consume frozen yogurt. Loads of emo kids (did you know that they eat babies?) hanging around, mix that with would be Paris Hilton whores also eating away. Hm. We think... this Pinkberry shit has some serious hype. Damn, it must be sooooo good...

Cut to Restrictions and I, Pinkberry in hand. First spoonful. Um. Huh? Second try. THIS TASTES LIKE SHIT!!!!!!!!!! We start walking to our destination. One dude stops us - while we are trying to either eat the crappy thing or puke it - to ask us where the Pinkberry store was. We smiled and said... oooh that way. Enjoy!!!

I could not walk 20 steps more with that crappy yogurt in hand. Restrictions tried to fight it a little bit more but ended up throwing it away. An extremely expensive yogurt which tasted like hell, and which I would not have even tasted if it wasn't for all the shitty hyped crap I read about them.

In that moment, we knew. We've been had. Advertising people fell into the greatest trap, ever. Sell shit in a good way and people will come.

Restrictions, I owe you a nice Baskin Robbins...


adhack said...

They're popping up all over LA, but I haven't been to one yet.

Now I don't have to!

Thanx Me!


Ad Broad, oldest working writer in advertising said...

Yup, ad folks are as easily duped as anyone else...I went to a Pinkberry as soon as it opened in my neighbhorhood...ok not as soon as, because I wouldn't join lines around the block...When I finally got my first taste, had the same reaction. But I thought it was ME--my deteriorating, post-menopausal taste buds. I threw it away, but never mentioned to anyone how awful I found the stuff...just never went back. Hey, maybe most people who try it don't like it, but feel hesitant to defy the hype. So Pinkberry consumer base is made up of first-timers only...and Paris Hilton-wannabees...who are actually brand ambassadors, paid to swill the stuff.

Me said...

Well guys, did a bit of research. Seems that we are not alone. There are loads of Pinkberry reviews all over the internet and they are almost verbatim. People are falling for this shit and tasting just once the crap that they call yogurt.

Spread the word, if you are going to Pinkberry, ask for a taste first.

Your friendly frozen yogurt hater, Me.

1Letterman said...

Tastes like lizard dung.

Don't ask me how I know what lizard dung tastes like. I fell for a prank in college. I don't like to talk about it.

Me said...

For me, it was like tasting frozen-month-old milk.


shaun. said...

i walked by one last night and i immediately told my date that it "wasnt that good."

the power of blogging.

Me said...

Yes... YES!!!

Let's end the Pinkberry Empire, NOW!

Stop eating shitty Frozen Yogurt!!!!!!

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