Aug 26, 2008

Dancing Bitch = lower mortgages.. I'm lost

I might have lost the connection somewhere, but seems most banner ads are designed to be visually annoying in hopes you give enough of a shit to read and at least bitch about it on your blog. If that's the case, then rejoice in the knowledge that I couldn't give a shit about your advertising and have just posted your shitty dancing ho banners and slinky cunt visuals on a blog.

I hate banner ads with a passion and on the top of my list are the "you have just won a new yada yada" bullshit that sounds off every time you scroll over the damn thing. I didn't put it because I don't want to listen to that annoying tween bitch offering me the same ringtone or iPod nano for the sixteen millionth time.

Oh and love the numb face on some of your talents. Really screams to me to read what's on the banner.


Ad Kid said...

the chick's legs in the second one are freaky. freakier than the chick's arms in the last ones.

Joker said...

Totally agree but then again, they're all what the fuckish at best. Want to know what the worst part is though? Purely on the laws of probability, there's someone who probably has the hots for elongated women selling low paying mortgages.

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