Sep 5, 2008

Way beyond the top 40: Black Market Radio

I don't know when, but some time ago, one of my greatest rock god heroes had a change of heart and decided to create unmeaningful music that for lack of a better word sucks... Wait a minute, I take pride in bashing the shit out of crappy things so lets do it right.

If you're a fan of Chris Cornell, you've been wincing in pain the last year and a half asking what the hell happened to what many fans got to call THE Voice. That's one hell of a statement and it's ok if you have a rut, but Chris Cornell is seriously challenging my owning every Soundgarden and Audioslave CD with the shit he's pulling off.

Some people don't understand the trauma this represents for me and if you need clarification let me put it this way:

Try to imagine John Wayne in a tutu.

Imagine Dirty Harry lip locking with Charles Bronson.

Imagine Rocky quitting on his stool.

Imagine Superman having fishnet thigh highs instead of his typical tights.

Imagine Michael Jordan laying up in a slam dunk competition or Babe Ruth bunting when he'd promised a kid a homerun.

Trust me, this has fucked with my head beyond belief and you just have to see that his new album is produced by Timbaland to see why I weep and wallow on the toilet for 5 hours because I'd rather smell aged Joker poop than spend one cent on any of what he's done in his solo career the last year and a half (his first solo album is amazing though).

Now that I got that out of the way, lets talk about the positive. Chris Cornell has a brother who has a Seattle based band and they sound like Soundgarden. The music is tight, I own the album and I smile at the prospect of looking up to a Cornell even if it's not the first one I was into.

So is Black Market Radio as good as Soundgarden? That's a shitty question to ask regardless and I'm sure most everyone has asked it, so why not just answer it even if it makes the members of the band uncomfortable. No. Black Market Radio is not as good as Soundgarden... if you talk about Superunknown or Down on the Upside. But if you go back just a bit further, I think it's comparable to Bad Motorfinger and trust me, they offer enough to merit me mentioning them, linking you to their webpage and posting a video or two. So to Peter Cornell, keep it up bro. I hope you give your brother a wet willy to see if he drops the R & B lame parade, and if he doesn't at least you're showing him how to rawk.


Click the title or the shiny word at the end of this sentence of this post for their website.


Justin said...

All three videos are "no longer available". That is why the music industry sucks (assuming that some jackass at a record label demanded a takedown and it's not just some random youtube error.) God forbid I listen to some new music.

Joker said...

i hate when that happens. What you do is refresh the page and double click the video rather than single clicking. It'll take you to the youtube video but it'll also run on the blog page. Also hate the music ind because of their bullshit. But we'll work around it he he he he.


evolvor said...

They WERE from NYC. I think they're pretty much dissolved now. I saw them the last time they played in NYC almost 2 years ago (although I did hear rumors they played a few shows since then, never confirmed).

Unknown said...

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