Oct 6, 2008

10 random Joker tips or suggestions

10. Whenever possible, avoid working with single bosses over the age of forty without a family. This pretty mcuh guarantees that they will not relate to people who want to have a life.

9. Unless you direly need something for your portfolio, NEVER volunteer to appear in a client ad so they don't have to incur into additional costs and finally approve your fucking concept. You are opening a Pandora's Box.

8. If a company has a problem with buying its employees food when they work late, realize this directly transfers to your salary, meaning if you want a raise you might consider looking to other agencies.

7. If people get fired and new cars arrive please take this as a direct communication of agency priorities.

6. Try to avoid working at places where they charge for coffee.

5. If someone tells you to do something so they can better protect your interests, feel free to consider this one of the people who will most attempt to harm you or put you in harm's way.

4. If you haven't heard anything bad from a company, you haven't spoken to enough people, keep digging.

3. If you work at a place where no one consumes the products they push, consider this as a sign of the client agency relationship there exists.

2. If a place seems too good to be true, enjoy it while it lasts.

1. If you see more than three people who drink during work hours, worry for your future mental health.


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