Nov 4, 2008

So today's the day

No it's not that today is November 4th or that it's a tuesday or that it's the 309th day of the year. No people, it's the day where it shall be decided whether a 71 year old conservatively conventional man with an Alaskan sideshow sidekick or a Black man with a conventional white man sidekick will be elected as the governing forces of the United States of America. Fanaticism is at an all time high, logical arguments are quickly eclipsed by illogical attacks and desperate pleas for your vote, but when it all comes down to it, it's up to you to have gotten up your ass to vote or to let someone else do the voting for you.

The economy is in the shits, social tensions are ever more frothing at the mouth and though we're getting a break on the petrol side of life, it would be ignorant to insist that we don't need to find new ways to make an energetic living. So if you haven't done so until now, I doubt you'll check each side's policies so just look at the picture and see who you think will be better for the country. A guy who is going to preach the same doctrine you've been fed the last 8 years or a guy who might bring something new to the table.

By the way, please don't ignore the fact that it's a white man versus a black man. Everyone is making an issue out of not looking at the race but I suggest you do and for one simple reason: if you have a problem voting for someone BASED on their race, their religion, their age or where they're from, feel free to take a look in the mirror and have a reality check at what you're pondering: your vote to do your part to determine the future of a country that isn't doing well based on the wrong things.

The country will not sink if you vote for an old man and it will not burn and corrode if you vote for a black man. It will react based on the performance of the person you vote for and their respective backup plans and you should take a close look at all 4 people running for president, because in essence, a President and his VP should be equally qualified to run the country.

Cheers and happy voting


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