Jan 10, 2009

Man Vs MAchine Vol. 1 - The Power Surge

It's 11:27 AM of a mildly productive day. It took you a while to get in your groove but you finally attained it.

You are grooving.

You are in groove central.

You have the power to groove you.

You're groovalicious...

You get the point.

Everyone around you has actually hit some sort of perfect zen moment where everyone is being kind but is getting their work done. Minutes flick by and the project you are working on is being chipped away at. You can't help but smile to yourself at the progress you've made in the last 40 minutes which was when your brain finally woke up. Ideas flowed into the valley of the capitalistic muse and your work was getting done quite well for a change. All is well in the mind of the peon.

But there's something wrong. A slight tingle whispers on your skin and you can't help but feel as if you've forgotten something or that some ominous omen has just pissed on your leg. You're stained, tainted and worst of all, clueless as to what has deposited its perpetual funk on your work day. You could put 3 minutes to the side to think about what it is that has been forgotten, but instead you keep milling away when a terrible reality dawns itself upon you.

It is all so clear right now, in large part thanks to the lack of light in your work space since the power surge has prompted the chorus of back up batteries cringing in everyone's ear like some drunk grasshopper striving for smooth legs. The immediate effect of the darkness is shock, but slowly the dull empty chasm of realization claws back into your womb because of one simple detail, one tiny truth lots of people ignore. You didn't click SAVE while working on whatever it is you were working on.

Thoughts of tearing your cubicle down, burning your chair, shouting, or even being the author of fresh holes through dry wall are all alternatives to express your disapproval of your work station's performance not to mention your ever escalating animosity towards the fucker. But there's not much you can do. It's your fault. You should have taken a second and clicked save. But you didn't.

15-0 Advantage machine.

Better luck next time.


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