Jul 19, 2009

The Sans Soda Experiment: First Findings.

It's been almost three days. I have to say that I was "training" for the experiment before Friday, so already I have noticed a few things. I will report back at the end of the week to see what happens next.

So, the first impressions are:

1) This thing is more easier than you think. Keeping off sodas for me has been a simple task to do.

2) I have no craving whatsoever for anything soda. Milk is another story. Damn I miss that sweet cow juice.

3) On Saturday I attempted my first "slurp" of Diet Coke. Just one. Tasted like shit. Extremely acid, bubbles were extremely powerful. I also got a metallic taste that I have never gotten before. I got worried that I might not like to drink it after the experiment.

The only thing about the experiment is, I have been mixing the water with different flavors, so I have to achieve a couple of days without any Crystal Light to see if I can actually make it with water alone. I'll keep you posted.

PS: I might have to cut this experiment short since I'm kind of sick (I believe that I have a stomach ulcer). If my doc lets me continue tomorrow - what doctor will tell me that a week of water is a bad idea? - I'll keep this thing up.

Much love, the Aquatic Me.


Erica said...

It's probably better for your ulcer that you're not drinking cola, due to the high acidity content.

If your body is craving milk, you might actually need it. Not all cravings are bad ones produced by the processed food market.

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