Aug 26, 2009

25 dollars for not killing yourself.

Tell me how many of you out there have done this:

You are working on an old Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop version because, let's just say it, you're either too cheap to upgrade, you're lazy and haven't done it, you let time pass way too long to pay for the upgrade and now you have to buy the whole shebang again... or let's just say the word: warez.

The thing is, now you decided to upgrade (and this is just an hipothetical situation... um... yeah... a friend just... um... told me this story) because you want to join the 21st century and catch up. Only to find: you are completely lost and swearing every five minutes at your computer because strange things are happening to your designs.

Maybe this is old news for some, but for me, discovering was like being a kid again and believing in Santa Claus. For just 25 bucks you can access a month of tutorial videos on ALL the programs you can possibly think of. If you want to learn more, you just keep paying until you reached your goal. HOW COOL IS THIS?

Today I learned in a sitting all the things I could not do at 3pm sitting at my Mac. Tomorrow I am dying to go to work just so that I can click away on some fucking awesome crap that comes with the new CS4. Um. I mean my friend... Yeah, my friend wants to... Ok so it's me. I suck. I used CS. Tried CS3 for almost 5 months and decided to finally buy the CS4 (credit card still bleeding, damn you Adobe). Lynda made my day.

So, avoid suicidal thoughts. Go to their website now. Enjoy!


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