Aug 19, 2009

He's not that into you, Betty: The Biggest Mistake ever?

I am well known for not caring so much for reading comics. Although I encourage my boyfriend's addiction for them, I seldom read two or three pages of any of his comic collection. Now... this doesn't mean that I didn't get my fix when I was a kid. I read Archie.

For years and years, the best part of coming home from school was walking to my pharmacy and buying the latest Archie comic book. It was like getting a christmas gift, all year round. In fact, I cannot remember reading anything else but that crazy redhead idiot. I loved each character and most of all... I rooted for Betty. Veronica, the rich chick was not for him. We just had to wait a little while and, like any other men, he would realize that he was choosing the wrong girl... right?

Cut to 2009. A couple of weeks ago I went into my local Borders and passed by the latest Archie. I joked: long time since I read it. My boyfriend told me something that brought me to my knees. That fucker idiot proposed to Veronica.


Why is Archie relevant in any way? He's not. It's just funny that after almost thirty years, one simple thing from my childhood has turned out badly. One fan decided to sell his Number 1 Archie in protest of this proposal. Look, I know this is a comic book. I know this is a stupid post. But you gotta give it to me. I bought a shitload of comic books in my time. I curled up with my favorite readheaded guy and hoped for him to see the light and get some nookie with Betty.

Archie getting married to that beeyatch Veronica?

I don't like it one bit, dude. Say it isn't so.


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